Balloon Savior

Story line of Balloon Savior mobile game is little different.. once upon a time there were kids playing near to an old factory in an old town. When they were peeping through the doors in the factory, accidentally, they lost their balloons.

Now, you can help these kids by saving their balloons. Remember, balloon are fragile and factory is full of gas leaking pipes, tools & spikes everywhere. Its not going to be an easy task but look at the face of these kids – they are so sad. Won’t you make them happy again?

So far, you must have played lots of balloons popping up mobile games. But here in Balloon Savior, you save balloons and bring smiles to the faces – isn’t it a noble cause? This mobile game helps you with learning hand and eye coordination. This is a challenging and very addictive mobile game application which helps you with releasing your every day stress. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and download Balloon Savior from your favorite store.



Our free offering has everything  that you need to fall in love with and we don’t hesitate while saying that you can go for free version always. We know that levels in this game are not easy so we came up with the idea of having more lives so that you continue playing this addictive game. Here is the preview of each level for you.

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